Always use simle ideas. Rocker’s Challenge easter banner. Text in the corner: “I’ve written zimple with Arial and misspelled becuase you do not check the text anyway” Shooting: ME.  Rocker’s Challenge series T-shir: ME. Add concept & layout: allso ME.
Mr.Tee goes eclectic on fashion … Clark Kent vs. Superman
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I WISH YOU A DIVINE EASTER! “The golden ratio is also called the golden section (Latin: sectio aurea) or golden mean. Other names include extreme and mean ratio, medial section, divine proportion, divine section (Latin:sectio divina), golden proportion, golden cut, and golden number.”

Made With Paper
I’m very proud of this creation, not the painting, but the little boat in it, Femme Fatale. I didn’t exactly create it, I helped to rebuild it. Others worked on it for years before I came on scene a few weeks before Hurricane Isaac. A lot of the work had been done, most of it probably a result of Ella’s efforts, who is driving the boat in the painting. She took the risk to take on the project, begged, borrowed and worked to raise money to do the things beyond her scope and buy missing parts. As in the painting, I was just crew. While we puttered around the harbor in the beautifully renewed 50 year-old boat, that hadn’t sailed in over a decade, I hoped some on shore would notice, stop what they were doing and exclaim, “Well I’ll be damned! They finally did it.”

I know now I should give up doodling … dude … youre drawings are stunning


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It seems that the content at the bottom of the page is not created by Paper, right? But how do you do that, and you still have 53 mark on your post, it should be posted by Paper App, right?

JB ipad … changed background … the guis from Paper 53 asked the same question … because I send this drawings to clients/constructor it’s vital for me to be with copyrighted note on them … so it’s simple to change the background inside the app than applying after saving … but do not expect to see your drawings in app gallery if they have altered background
"Create like a god, command like a king, work like a slave." Constantin Brancusi
sketches / Master Bedroom / Simion Apartment / Resita RO

Introducing No. 2 Pencil.
Sharp minds require sharp tools. We’re excited to announce No. 2 Pencil, the latest in our essential suite of tools for creativity. It’s the most natural and expressive tool for getting ideas on a piece of paper—a beautiful blend of tradition and money-saving strategy. No. 2 Pencil’s special expressive features, Erase and Ready-To-Write™ technology, open up a whole new world of creative possibilities.
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